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Chris BotterillThanks for checking out my website. My name is Chris Botterill and for the last 12 years I’ve spent most of my time working in technology, business and marketing. I spend most of my days doing a variety of things but specialize mainly in internet marketing and computer security / maintenance with Microsoft Windows.

Right now I spend most of my time teaching people how to market on the internet for a company called the Internet Marketing Center (original, eh?). I spend the rest of my time developing and running my own websites where I sell ebooks and fixing computers. You might also be interested to know that I invented this cool technique called the “Botts Technique” that is used to manually remove viruses, spyware and malware from computers.

My background consists of a lot of business activities (I used to own a Disc Jockey company, as well as a retail sporting goods store) but I also have a diploma in computer networking and am certified by Microsoft and Comptia to fix computer software and hardware.

What is this site about?

To sum it up, this site is here to tell you a little bit about what myself and my associates do. Maybe you’re looking for a programmer, or a logo, or maybe you need to hire a pay-per-click specialist. Or maybe you need some advice on a computer problem – whatever it is you should (hopefully) be able to navigate the site and find something that can help you.

You may have to bear with me for a bit while I sort out all the content on the website. I’ve incorporated many articles from other websites I own and it’s a bit unorganized so excuse the mess.

Need to reach me?

No problem – just send me a message and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

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