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Building and Starting a Website for your Offline Business

Many businesses without a website (or a poor quality website) believe that putting hard earned money into online advertising is either worthless or money poorly spent. After all, if your customers aren’t using your website, why bother?

In fact, the truth is that a website should be your central focus to growing your business – especially in today’s competitive world. There is simply no other medium that is better at converting your advertising dollars into revenue!

The problem with creating a website…

The biggest problem you will need to overcome in creating a quality, functional website and online presence is cutting through all the marketing fluff. Finding companies that can create a website are a dime a dozen. You see them everywhere.

But finding someone that can create a site, brand, and effectively target your best potential customers is hard to find, IF you don’t know where to look…

Since our very first website we created in 1998 up to today we uncovered a very important lesson that is still our fundamental principles today: “The online world changes, and if you’re not willing to, you won’t be part of it”.

Whether you manufacture, sell, service, or simply collect leads, the internet is truly the only place you can reach out to new customer in your local, regional and global market!

In the end we know that a proper website and online presence, your business will:

  • Reach fresh, new customers that are eager to buy through local search engines like Google Maps that already show your strongest competitors – why shouldn’t you be there too?
  • Finally be able to build a brand that represents what your business stands for! A collection of information and pages allows your customer to not only understand what your business does, but also “feel” what your business can do for them.
  • Give you an entire new interactive insight to what your customers want and need. Modern high quality websites utilize the power of the internet to learn more about what they should be doing based on actual customer feedback! Imagine knowing what the trends of your market are before anyone else!

Look, why waste your time with a cousin, nephew or friend that says they will build a website for you? We understand that while they are good people, they simply don’t do what we do – WE UNDERSTAND.

Here’s how Genex Marketing can help you

  • WE EDUCATE YOU. Building a website and making it live for everyone to see is not the answer to your problems. You need to know why it is being constructed a certain way, and how it benefits your visitors and customers.
  • EXPERIENCE. The most obvious and most important reason is that we are EXPERIENCED internet marketing experts. We draw from a variety of offline business backgrounds that we bring to the online world in the way it MATTERS to your business. No fluff, no nonsense, just marketing that works.
  • OPTIONS. Genex Marketing is a true expert in the online marketing arena. Not only do we have access to some of the best web, graphic and internet programmers in the industry, we’re also connected. This is extremely important as every business has certain needs to fill! We can take on and scale to almost any project, no matter the size!
  • TIME IS MONEY. We know how important it is to have what you want when you need it, we feel the exact same way. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to not only provide the best quality around, but also pure dedication to getting it done as soon as possible!

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about your web presence, and who you have working on it for you. But one thing you shouldn’t worry about is our ability to explain in great detail why we should be working for you!

That’s why you need to contact us to setup a free consultation so we can show you how we can help your business transition to a new level.

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